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📢📢📢New Feature Added
Published on 27-09-2022


Dea BuxMedia users,

Thanks for stay with us. We are passed 6 months and paid almost 2000$. All is possible for yours support. BuxMedia will growth day by day and I am trying to add more earning opportunity. At this moment I added 3 more feature-

1. Offerwall
2. DailyTask Bonus
3. Manuall Airtm deposit

We are starting Great Promotion our investor. Visit promo section or click here. Promotion

Cashout rules Update: We are sent payment within 7 days. Now, we are sent payment every Friday holiday of Bangladesh. Free members need to click 30 shortlink for receive there payment. Every user who received payment you need to share your payment proof our forum and foxrating. If any body no follow this rules I will refund payment request.

Wish you all the best.

GrandSultan (admin)
$$$RR Fixation
Published on 20-08-2022
Dear BuxMedia users,

Thanks for stay with us. I had already inform all of my user about RR fixation. Also, I am increases RR income in all membership (specially stander).

In this period, 4 click is not required for ref income. All other thing is normal as before. In this period all form 21/08/22 to 30/08/22 all kinds of advertising is 10% off and purchase of any membership also return 10% in your PB. I request all of my user please take a review in trustpilot and support me. Thanks


GrandSultan (admin)
Published on 02-07-2022

Dear BuxMedia users,


Many thanks to all my sweet members, I disabled transfer balance main to purchase but I active again with some terms.

  1. You can’t purchase share.
  2. You can’t ref rent.
  3. You use purchase balance upgrade membership, auto pay, any kinds of advertising.

If anybody violated our TOS I will suspend.


EID promotion:

From 02/07/22 to 10/07/22  we are celebrating EID-UL-Azha. For that I have 2 promo. You can choose any one promo in this session.


Promo 1:   Membership upgrade you will get 10% return in your PB.

Promo 2:   Deposit 1$-50$ 5% cashback and deposit 51$-100$ above 10% cashback in your PB.



Its very important for cashout for free member, who get their 1st payment you need to click at least 25 ads for receive next payment. (

All upgrade members to request please use our site for advertising. WE are long term project.

In this eid time all advertising are 10% off. After do anything of above just create a support to me. EID Mubarok all.

📢📢📢Traffic Exchange added
Published on 25-04-2022

Dear BuxMedia members,

We are added a new feature in our site "Traffic Exchange". Now all of our users can use this feature as free. Advertiser can use it as low price. Thanks for stay with us.

N:B: We will bring some new in EID festival!!


Best regards,
GrandSultan (admin)

Referral Contest Ended
Published on 16-04-2022

Dear BuxMedia user,

Our direct referral contest had been finished. Thanks for participate in our contest. Some of cheater try to cheat with us and wants to payment. We caught them and suspended. Remember, there are no place for any kinds of cheating.  I showed many members created multi account on his/her upline, when sent me a payment request, we deeply checking their account.  If got any suspicious activities, suspended then in a click. So, please don’t waste your time. Be honest.  I do not change my payment rules, I will pay honest members.

Congratulation all of winners who win this contest. After  checking your account and DR then we will adjust your balance to your account. So, please be patience.🤝🤝🤝


Best regards,

GrandSultan (admin)