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***September Promotion

Started by GrandSultan (admin) 2022-09-27 at 22:38
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Dear BuxMedia members,

We are celebrating 7 months promotions. For this time add fund promo is below-

Promo Type: 1 (one)

5$-------49.99$ (5% PB bonus+500 PTC credit)
50$------99.99$ (7.5% PB bonus+2500 PTC credit)
100$-----infinity (10% PB bonus+5000 PTC credit)

Promo Type: (two)

For 50$ deposit You get Iron Membership+5000 PTC credit.
For 75$ deposit You get silver membership+5000 PTC credit.
For 175$ deposit You get Iron-Plus membership+10000 PTC credit+10000 banner credit.

After add fund you can contact support bonus will be added after 24 hours.

Promo period : 01/10/2022.........to.........07/10/2022 (GMT +06:00) Astana, Dhaka local time.

N:B:- You can take only 1 promo of 2 in this period. Happy Journey

GrandSultan (admin)
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