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***RR problem solved

Started by GrandSultan (admin) 2022-08-25 at 00:23
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Dear BuxMedia user,

Sorry for this moment. Finally we are fixed our RR problem. Currently, I am increasing RR income more then before. Everything is working fine. If you got any inactive RR that is no problem there are everything calculating in your profit. try to extended your RR for more befits. Please upgrade your account for high Income.
I am added a new membership "buxMedia Fixed-1". Go to your account and click upgrade for details.

For pending payment, you did not click 25 shortlink thats why your payment is pending. Please click and contact with me for payment. If any problem or bug kindly contact me support or live chat. happy earning.

Best Regards,
GrandSultan (admin)
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very good
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Thanks for patience