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Started by GrandSultan (admin) 2023-06-28 at 20:12
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Dear BuxMedia users

Many thanks to all my sweet members, comes the best Muslim Festivals. EID MUBARAK to all.

EID promotion:
From 29/06/23 to 07/07/23 we are celebrating EID-UL-ADHA. For that, I have 2 promos. You can choose any one promo in this session.

Promo 1: Membership upgrade you will get a 10% return on your PB.
Promo 2: Deposit 1$-50$ 5% cashback and deposit 51$-100$ above 10% cashback in your PB.

All upgrade members to request please use our site for advertising. We are a long-term project.

During this Eid time, all advertising is 10% off. After doing the above just create support for me. EID Mubarok all.

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